One month one million ideas..

I really think in the last month I’ve had just about every idea of where to live, what to do, and how to get there. I went from going to school online so I could either work as a nanny somewhere else in the world, work on another boat, do construction in New Orleans, Landscape in Nantucket. To going to school in British Columbia, London, New Orleans and Minnesota. To finally deciding on where I would be the happiest and most productive, who knew it would be 30 miles away from where I grew up.
Yep, Whitewater Wisconsin is my destination once again, and not to just rush through school, to actually learn a thing or two, maybe meet some more people, and just enjoy my home once again. My plans now are to finish out my last few months with the Poynters and as hard as it will be ( by meaning hard, try leaving two children and a family you spent every day with, so hard..) And then set out on my next adventure..destination education.
Yeah I know a bit cheasy, but really Its where I belong right now. Im not putting my life on hold as I thought of when I came home from St. Thomas, I’m going somewhere just happens to be home. Plus with my dual degrees Health Promotions and Liberal Studies, I have big plans on Graduate schools and lots more traveling! I do also have lots of breaks to head north south east or west…..which I’ll probably do :).

3 thoughts on “One month one million ideas..

  1. hey no way, you have random ideas, where would u have gotten those from??? one week india, the next week boston and then i think you wanted to take over the world! keep in touch kiddo. let me know where your livin now! adios

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