Aaron and Katie’s Road trip Part 1 (pictures included)

My good friend Aaron….from college…and I decided to take an end of the summer road trip. We left on Saturday the 19th with two destinations Boston and Virginia days unknown…return unknown. Not much of planners we are but so far it has been to our advantage.
Day one.
We departed Stoughton, Wisconsin after getting within centimeters of taking out an unresponsible child on a bike. SOO SCARY! I the driver was scared out of my mind after that but made myself keep driving. I drove so long 462 miles later we ended up in Sandusky Ohio at Lazy J’s Campground.
In record time I put up the tent under the light of the headlights and a glow stick.

Day Two
After some careful…(quick)..planning we decided to make our destination 2 Niagara Falls. Driving 277 miles we ended up in the Town..yes there is a town (Aaron and I were Surprised too) called Niagara falls. A much needed nap was apon us so we zonked out for a good hour or so. After regaining cosciousness with my nifty internet surfing skills I found information on the Falls. Thanks our nonplanning skills we lucked out and were able to see a fireworks show over Niagara. Absolutly beautiful place at night..check out the pictures!
Now we are off to get all wet at the falls with a boat tour. After getting soaked our 3rd destination- Beantown!!

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  1. Ok… wifi camping = cheating. Seriously. Anyways… i’d love to see more pics of the campsetup. 🙂 And what is that big blue thing in the tent? a cooler?

    Hope your having fun!

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