Aaron and Katie’s Road Trip Part 2 (Pics Included)

Day 3
Getting soaked was an understatement..we were drenched! But thanks to our complementary ponchos we stayed relatively dry…pictures are there to prove! We thought The Falls were beautiful at night, they were breathtaking in day time.
After taking about 95 pictures we were on the road again….on the road again, I cant wait to get on the road again.. :).sorry couldnt help myself. Anyway.. We drove another 475 miles bringing our overall mileage up to a hefty 1300 marker, ending up in my favorite place in the US. BOSTON!!
Getting here at night we of course got a bit lost, totally expected in the curvy streets of beantown.
We met up with a Austin a local Bostonian (from Missouri) and his visiting friend Jacob…or Jason (sorry 🙂 ) Chilled at his house for a few and enjoyed a N/A Bloody Mary..yumm… (Thanks Austin)
Being back in Boston hit me like a ton of bricks, I love this city because of the memories I have of it. Most of those memories are with a family that I will not see for a very long time. Seeing simple places like a toy store we shopped at, and a childrens barber that we had many good and bad memories at while getting Henry’s hair cut sent me to tears. But life goes on and I will keep a smile on my face as I play tour guide to a Virgin Bostonian (Aaron).