Aaron and Katie’s Road trip Part 3 (pictures, Videos included)

Day 4 and 5

The Tour was a success, we walked around for nearly 5 hours hitting
up much of the Freedom trail and stopping to take pictures along the
way. We even made it to my first home in Boston, 8 Otis of Beacon hill.
Next was a walk through the Public Gardens, Boston Commons ( home of
many many bums, and many memories of feeding Henry lunches and
dinners), a trip to the craziness of Faneuil Hall for some good ol’
Aaron sunglass shopping, lunch in Little Italy on the North end. A
visit to the USS Constitution, Bunker Hill, a very enjoyable ride on
the infamous T ferry/water taxi through the Boston Harbor. And finally
a scavanger hunt to find my stuff in a storage compartment.

Since we had to drive through and around Boston, New Haven, New
York, New Jersey, Phili, Baltimore, D.C. and finally Manassas VI. We
decided to leave later in the evening and drive through the night. 9
hours of driving can do funny things to you especially when you do it
with not even a drop of caffeine ( Didn’t indulge in any, Aaron however
had 3 Mountain Dews). Our final destination was met with only two
stops, when the clock hit 3:30, 472 Miles later bringing our overall
trips milege to 1700 we were greeted by wide awake Mike in Manassas
Virginia. Not exactly sure how, the three of us stayed up till around
4:30 when I had to be a bad guest and retire to the guest room. I dont
even remember my head hitting the pillow, actually I really think I was
already asleep when I was changing into my pj’s.

Finally for the first time since probably Easter I slept past 9am,
and did absolutly NOTHING. Waking at 10:30 I stumbled out got dressed
and did the best think next to sleeping worked on my tan at the pool.

Here are a few pictures from the trip so far. I do apologize now for
how my voice sounds, If I do sound like this normally I really do
apologize…especially for the amount of talking I do.

Just click the link thats aarons blog and then click each video and
pray that it works 🙂 Just kidding Aarons a genius….and enjoy.