Midterms just passed and I am still alive, an accomplishment HELL YEAH! For those of you who know the credit system I have 19 credits, for those of you who dont, 19 credits is one credit more than the max allowed, a very large load of classes. I got a coushy job in the computer lab 11 hours a week which is prime time for doing all the great homework my classes give me. Much to many peoples dismay I love school so much and am so glad to be back! It took me a few weeks to get back into the swing of things, but now I’m doin just great. Its good to be back with my friends and family here in Wisconsin, but I dearly miss the family that took me in. The Poynter family, their family, and their friends were so great to me leaving was really hard :(. But by the sounds of it they are all doing very well.

Its starting to get very cold here and that doesnt fly too well with me! Its a darn good thing I spent so much time outside last year, because this winter is going to be a LONG one! I should have some picures up of the last few months of festivities in Whitewater so go take a look!