New day, New way, New Island= New katiestravels adventure


      For those of you who don’t know I finished up yet another non-graduating year at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Doing ok in some fields and better in others I finished up almost a full year including fall, winterm, spring, and summer classes. So naturally I had to get out into the world again aka out of Wisconsin. Not because of the people whom I miss them all dearly, I needed to see the deep blue once again.

      To complete my back track before I move forward with my newest adventure, I spent a week visiting my middle school buddy Ryan whom is doing EOD training in the panhandle of Florida, along with that I took 10 wonderful days off of school and flew back to Antigua. While I was there I was able to hang out with the best people I met in the Caribbean, the Fitzmaurice family, Gavin and Suzie, Cassy, Tom…to name just a few….. And learn a new sport I am pretty much obsessed with from here on out, Regattas (Sailboat racing). I also met the Poynter family while in Antigua, both Annabel and Henry remembered me THANK GOD! and of course the Poynter’s were arms and hearts open and let me race on Blue Beach with them. It was a slow start for us day one ended before it started with technical difficulties on the mainsail fuller (we almost lost the very very heavy, very very expensive Mainsail), the next few days were a battle to the finish. There is nothing more intense and invigorating than 65,000+ pound boats feet away from smashing into each other with people hopping, running, ducking, resetting, resizing ropes and sails to get the most wind the possibly can squeeze from the air. Like I said….HOOKED! Blue Beach finished with a satisfying 2nd in its class, only trailing by 1 point!

     Of course I cant not say anything about some of the hard times that have gone on in the last few months,  over winter break I along with many others had to bury my second mom, RIP Cindy, mother of Molly (my unwritten adopted little sister), after a freak accident which should have never happened. Easter Sunday one of my best friends from high school, Melissa Speich was involved in a drunk driving accident (4th offense drunk driver blew a stop sign) destroyed her and the Toyota she was driving home from the grocery store. After 12 of the longest days of her friends and families lives Melissa age 22-23 passed away on 4-20-2007 RIP Melissa. All happening while I was away, and somehow Melissa whom always encouraged me to travel waited till two days before I came home from Antigua to pass away from her 12 day coma. This then allowed me to be there for whom I though her friends and family but mostly for myself at the funeral. I did two things I though I could not, and would never do, I read a eulogy at her memorial service in Minnesota in front of over 350 people and managed to make it through without crying. Needless to say I  made up for it at other times. Almost done, one week after that we put Molly the family dog of 17 years (13 with us) to sleep not because of her getting hit by the car some years ago, or the rat poison she decided to eat on July 4th 2003, and not even her accident with the stairs, molly was 17, old and ready to pass. 

      So as you can see I was in need of a new adventure, 9 months almost to the day of being back in Wisconsin, 45 credits in 8 months, 3 deaths, and just the itch to get out I moved to Nantucket, MA. For those of you who don’t know where it is…LOOK on a map 🙂 Just kidding, its a small island off the coast of Massachusetts below Cape Cod. I have been here two weeks tomorrow, and it feels like a summer has already flown by. I am living out here with a friend of mine from home Eric, Thanks Eric!!!! I spend my working days at Miacomet golf course checking in golfers and making tee times. I haven’t made it out on the course in fear that I will hurt myself, or someone else on the course, however I will make it out sometime…I think. The crew at Miacomet have all been a great addition to my list of people I have met while traveling. We work, we bbq, we watch movies, we party like rock stars, and we go out to dinners together…its GREAT! They all are GREAT! I have not gotten any pictures of the Miacomet bunch, but I’ll try and keep ya posted!

     Eric and have very different schedules so seeing each other is a bit of a task sometimes, but we have managed to buzz around the island on his new bright yellow moped. As the pictures show, we went to a sunset one of my first days here and of course I took way too many pictures, goofed off (pretending to be like a Baywatch babe.. lacking in coordination, and other things of course) There is a video, but I am working on learning how to post it :).. And of course deciding if I should :). I am usually done around 2 pm from work so one day we decided to go fishing. Carrying two poles sitting on the back of a moped is quite a challenge especially when you are going through brush! Don’t worry mom, dad, and Adj we were going slow! I though I was a seasoned fisherlady until I somehow got three huge individual snarls in my line, lost a lure…due to lack of line tying skills by none other than myself, and just about throwing my back out trying to cast further than Eric. I finally just gave up and wrote in my journal.

    The last group of pictures are with some other Islanders I have met recently, Bubba (mike), Adam, and Bazhen. I didn’t participate but two of them tried water skiing…choppy, windy day, a few beers to celebrate bubba’s birthday… made for a hilarious show from the boat. Adam managed to get up and ride for a little bit, Bubba struggled just a little bit and just couldn’t get up on the skis. So some of the pictures all you see is a big splash….that’s them waking up the fishes with their bodies smacking against the water from an unplanned dive.

    So far the island has been good to me, a bit chillier than I would like, but the summer is young and I’m already havin fun. I’ll try to keep a better log of my activities for those of you who actually are still reading…I know long blog, next time it will be a bit shorter!