Chapter closed, Chapter open

       I am proud to introduce your newest college graduate, myself. Six years almost to the month of when I started I am finally finished with my college chapter. Thanks to the greatest Operations Manager and Club owners I was able to do my internship this summer managing the coolest, bestest, Anytime Fitness club in the country. During my internship I realized what I kind of already knew- Sales, Data entry, and desk work is not my forte. I tried it, I worked at it, but it just didn’t do it for me. So two weeks ago I quit there, I quit my cocktailing job (at Stella’s Speak Easy, the best bar around for good drinks and live music) and bought a plane ticket to Boston, and then South East Asia. I am heading to Boston for about ten days to see some special people.  Then it’s off to Bangkok where a friend of mine from a previous travel adventure is meeting me on the other side and we are going to backpack around for the next few months. Our destinations are unknown, just spontaneous, crazy (w/in reason of course), good old backpacking funness.

          Leaving before was always easy, I knew I had to come back sometime sooner rather than later to finish school. Now, I don’t have that to come back to. Thank god! If I spent any more time getting my undergrad, my parents would be broke, and I would be the first girl Van Wilder (or Jonny Lechner for all u UWW peps). After my two months in East Asia exploring Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam I am flying back to Boston and going from there. My agenda is clear, and I am free to roam. Of course I will be finding myself back here on occasion to see how many quick inches my wonderfully, adorable niece has grown. Off the record, that’s probably going to be the hardest person to say goodbye to here. Its funny too, she’s the only person who has no idea who I am, and the only person who will not really notice I am gone. J

       No sob stories this time, life has been good to me this year. I hope the same for everyone else too as the year slowly is coming to an end.  I am going to try my damdest to keep my blog updated while I am out and about. My phone will stay the same for right now with the exception of it being off while I am out of the country. If anyone is going to be in any exotic places hit me up, maybe I’ll meet u there. Chapter College closed, Chapter Unknown opening…..