Hello Cambodia-Siam Riep

To continue where I left off we made it to Cambodia after a 29 hour, ferry/bus trip from Ko Tao (Thailand) to Siam Riep (Cambodia). The trip wasn’t as bad as it sounds, it was an overnight arrival into Bangkok and then to the border with similar people (westerners) a slight fight with corrupted border officials on the actual price of visas and one more nonairconditioned very dusty and a little bumpy bus ride to Siam Riep with our new westerners clan.

Day 2 (first full day in Cambodia) We decided to just relax and go see the downtown a bit. Adam,a new friend traveler from Chicago and myself decided to go have lunch which consisted of our new found diet rice, vegetables, noodles, vegetables, maybe some meat for Adam..Yep I have gone vegetarian again. The new diet has took to both of us THANK GOD! Knock on wood neither of us have gotten sick from any of the food. Oh yeah going to the city from our "Hilton" Hotel (They must know how good a hilton is back home to have named the nice…but not hilton nice hotel we were staying at) we took a Tuk Tuk carriage covered scooter ride with our adopted tour guide Tom. That was interesting, very interesting. The traffic around here is just mass chaos. Basically anything goes, and no one looks behind them. They make left turns by crossing traffic and then just weaving through oncoming traffic until they can get to turning left. Its pretty unnerving at first now its no biggie. Foreigners were not allowed to rent scooters so we were all safe in our Tuk Tuk.

After the adventure around town, we all decided to make or way up to the infamous temples for sunset. The three of us along with 500 of our closest mostly Asian friends watched a beautiful sunset sitting atop Phnom Bakheng. Pictures hopefully posted today…

Day three in Siam Riep was a duesy, Tom our local tour guide took us to Prasat Kravan, Pre Rup, Ta Som, Preah Khan, Ta Prohm (which is famous for being on the Tomb Raider movies), Ahgkor Thom, and the biggest of them all Angkor Wat. 7 hours of temples, you could say we were all templed out! Although quite an impressive thing to see and experience, we were all very happy to have seen one of the seven wonders of the world. Check that off…only 6 to go.