Puerto Rico Day 1

Alrighty The sum up of five fun filled days in Puerto Rico
I made it to my plane at 4am thanks to a sweet guy…thank you Adam… I boarded the plane with a working cell phone but arrived in PR with a broken cell phone. Still not sure what happened to it. So there I was in San Juan with a broken phone, no US cash for a pay phone and no communication with my sister. My smart ass didnt tell her what I was flying and thanks to all the gin and tonics in Antigua I couldnt remember if I told her what time I was getting in. After finding a TYME machine, getting change from a store I did as any 22 year old would do,… I called mom. Thank goodness I did because Adriane though of the same thing. So my mother being a few thousand miles away in the freezing cold somehow brought us together. As I was wandering around the Airport I heard a voice I recognized, Age!
After Kara (Adrianes ol’ college roommate) just about rung my neck for taking so long, and meeting Kara’s travel buddy Trishia We were off. Our destination was Rincon, PR a few hour trip from San Juan…PR Is HUGE! In our 2-3 hour trip I think I managed to talk for most of it. It was so nice sitting next to Age telling her all my crazy adventure stories. Anywhoo history was in the making, I still dont know how we got to our destination with all the turn, loops, back roads we took but somehow we found ourselves in Rincon. Oh yeah we made one pit stop while trying to find a beach, kara and Trishia decided to go up to a house and ask for directions (age and I stuck in the car..neither of us speak a lick of Spanish) After almost getting eaten by vicious on its last leg Elvis the dog The nice people from New Jersey gave us directions we couldn’t use.
We made our way to a surfer stop/tree house thingy for some lunch, bad food, but good company. After lunch we made our way to our first “hotel”, im disclosing the name…mainly because I forgot it :). The coolest place I have ever stayed! Kara got us an amazing deal at this tree house rental home. The bedrooms were literally suspended in the trees with big metal cables. There was an absolutely beautiful main house with a living area, dinning area, kitchen, and two bedrooms. (ladies if any of you can describe it better…please email it to me and i’ll post it). The whole place was made from bamboo from this man who took over 20 years to build. There were toilets and showers outside, along with toads, frogs, a stray cat, and dog.
After exploring the coolest guest house ever, we decided to make our way to the beach. Age and I sat on rocks and I talked, while Kara and Trisha took a nap in the sand. They were awoken by an entire class huddled around them taking pictures and exploring the beach…so funny to watch!
Later that evening we decided to stay in for dinner where we had a Mrs. Poynter and my’s favorite Shrimp, coconut milk, and curry over pasta…. after dinner we decided to go for a little wiggle action. We made our way into Rincon to an all you can drink for $3 bar! Yeah thank goodness there are not a lot of those places or else I would get nothing done J. The music was riggatone ..a new kind of reagge/dance/hiphop/I don’t know what to call it. Whatever it was, it was GREAT dance music. Age wasn’t feeling so up to the dancing scene so we hung back and just watched. Oh my god is Kara hilarious, she has the best party face I have ever seen!
End of day one!….just day one!!


Well as some of you may know I took a little time away from the boat. Everything is still peachykeen but time away makes the heart grow fonder…or something like that :). Naw the Poynters niece jumped on board so they didn’t need me for the week…..
Anyway, I spent some time with my favorite Antigua/English/Australian friends for a few days. Alot of resting and laying on the beach…much needed time to relax. Thank you again Adam for taking me in and being my relaxer for those days. Even though I cant sleep past 7am I really needed the down time! Im sure ya already have dibs on the Virgin girls for Monday…but Im pretty darn sure you’ll see me again sometime soon….
Heather, you are the sweetest girl I have ever met THANK you sooo much for letting me follow you around for my time in Antigua!!!! We definetly have to meet up in New York/Boston this summer! I am looking forward to it already.
I also want to thank everyone else I met my second time around…forgive me if I forget someone…its been a long few days. Maria, your crazy but man are you fun, Ruth good luck in whatever may come your way…something definetly will. And Marie, thank you again for the EXCELLENT dinner, It was great having just a girls night. (sorry for mispelled names 🙂 ).
Leaving ya’ll definetly was not on my fun list, but hopefully I’ll float or fly by again soon.
Thank you…miss you…

Oh a tale or two to tell

We spent 10 days in Falamouth Harbor…and in those ten days I feel like I met a lifetime of friends. I cannot believe how many people there are in this world that I have not met, and will never get the chance to meet. I do miss everyone at home so much, but honestly I have so much to see and SOO many people to meet I am so glad I left.
Some short stories to tell. The first people I met on the island were the crew of Huntress, probably the best motor boat…or any boat…crew that I have ever met! Not one of them would I change, they were absolutly great people, I do hope I run into them again.
Heather the girl who cut my hair on our birthday ended up being not just my haircutter girl, but really a great friend. She was sweetest enough to invite me along in whatever she was doing during my stay there. I got to meet her boyfriend Gavin’s whole family from Ireland/Australia and spend a few nights chatting with them……GREAT family!! One of which nights we spent hanging out on the dock at the CAT club where I met Grahamn (scotland) and Michael (Hawaii//cali) who worked on another boat. The next day I went snorkeling in the coolest place with the two of them, Gavin’s brother-in-law from Australia, and Michael’s old captain from….I dont remember. We had so much fun, we saw a turtle, a huge lobster, and lots and lots of little fishies. The next night was Abracadabra’s (kick ass Italian resturaunt/disco club) birthday, so with Gavin’s family and Heather I tagged along to the most amazing meal I have ever had. Then was the party, such a fun party….needless to say I arrived home at 7:30am with no sleep and ready to work. With my days dwindiling I got to know a few people a bit more and then It was a bittersweet goodbye. But no worries…I would be back…..
We left the dock on Tuesday morning and headed to Green Island-Antigua. Oh my goodness, hands down it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen, the sand the small beaches, the water, my god the water! The first night there I slept like a baby curled up in a sleeping bag in the cockpit (outside on deck). I woke only twice once to see more stars in the sky than I ever knew exhisted, they stretched from one horizon to the next, not one spot in the sky was untouched by a star, absolutly amazing. The next waking was the pink, orange, purple, and yellow sunrise.
The next night was not so amazing, it was a very very windy rainy night and we had a bit of a scare. The anchor was in secure but still we did an anchor watch all night. Someone was up on deck throughout the whole night making sure it wouldnt let up. Nothing happened all night, and when Henry and I were up all alone at 8:30 the next morning eating breakfast I noticed us getting closer and closer to the reef. So I yelled down to the Poynters, within a minute they were both on deck and the engine was on. We moved to Nonsuchbay on Green Island and after anchoring a few times we were finally in. We stayed there for the day through the rain and sunshine. After having another reef scare the Poynters decided on a dime that we were headed back to Falamouth Harbor. So within five minutes we had the boat ready to sail and we were off. We had a very simple sail in the lee of the island and back to Falamouth for the night we were. Friday morning we headed to yet another anchorage that we were unable to stay in because of the Northerly swell…so we ended up in Jolly Harbor. Coming in was an amazing sight, the water was the color of what you would see in Pirates of the Caribbean. Beautiful place, but a scary motor in, what I have learned is—beautiful water means shallow, or reefy water. Not a sailboats best friend. Coming into Jolly Harbor we hit sand! Mr. Poynter warned us we may, so we were at ease a bit…but still very scary to actually feel ground under the keel.
Well thats about it for now, I am headed tommrow to stay with Heather for a few days and then its off to meet Age in San Juan where I am to take a much needed vacation.
Katie/kathryn signing out for now…until I write again. I love all you I know, and I cant wait to meet all you I have not had the pleasure of yet.


I really dont know what to say, all I can think of is what am I doing away from the greatest people in the world. I went out last night with a girl from England who’s birthday it was yesterday also, we went out to dinner with all of her coworkers from all over the world. I met up and partied with a bunch of people from South Africa and went for a night cap on their 190 foot yacht (the crew)Tonight was a bit low key, but I think this is the best birthday I have ever had. I am sitting in the cockpit with the boom light shining, watching these video’s in Antigua yacht club harbor with so many tears in my eyes I can barely see the screen. My god. Thank you all.

For all of those whom were not involved…this is what I am talking about, please check it out and see what having the best friends in the world is like.

As I sit here typing this entry, there is a steel drum band playing on the dock right next to me for one of the many yachts here. The breeze here is enough to make you go below, or put on a sweatshirt of some kind. Yeah I really like my life right now.

Where to start… It seems as though when I finally get on a computer again I have so much to write I dont know where to start and where to stop!
What Ive done since my last posting….:
I went on a few more adventures with/out the Poynters. I rented a car with our Neighbor Chris- whom is from Germany and lives a great boat down here. We rented a car and went to the greatest beach I’ve seen so far! Its location was outside of St. Anne…for anyone who can get there someday. It was Fairly dead and absolutly beautiful. The beach seemed to go on for miles and miles with very little sand, and crystal clear shallow water. There was a reef break out at least a hundred feet out which kept all the waves and fishies far away. We hung out there in the blazing sun for a good few hours until we decided it was time for a drink. We headed over to St. Francias(spelling may be off) :), had some great lunch, and a tasty drink. Instead of being big partiers we decided to head to the pizza joint grab a pizza and watch a movie. Yes people even do that in paradise :).
Adventure 2 was with Mrs. Poynter the kids and me. We decided to be adventerous once again and head into the hills. We got to the waterfalls in Guadeloupe and had a hefty hike down a bunch of stairs. We got the the end of the hike where the biggest waterfalls were in the Caribbean. To our surprise, the view was terrible, so Mrs. Poynter carrrying Annabel on her front, and Henry on my back we roughed it up to the waterfall. Now this was not your easy little cobblestone path, we were in the water, finding hand and foot holds in the rushing water….all for a few of a 300 foot waterfall. I asked myself would I do it again after we were done..Hell yes I would!!!
Next on the list…We left Pointe de Petre and headed north to Deshaies ( all in Guadeloupe), a 5-6 hour sail that went relatively smooth. We were in the lee of the island for most of the day, which meant no wind and motoring. Henry and I took a nap in my bunk while we were motoring, something we often do on a long sail. I woke to find us healing over so much I almost fell out of the bed TWICE! Henry just rolled into me and continued sleeping, I was his lee cloth :). When nap time was over we headed back on deck, and the Poynters had some interesting things to say. Apparently we hit some wind so they put the sails up quickly to catch it, the boat healed over further than it has before! It was almost straight up and down AND I MISSED IT! No wonder I practically fell out of my bed :).
After having a night of anchoring hell we moved north….all the way to Antigua. Looking at the map with no sailing experience I would say it was very close, now after traveling by boat, my views would defiantly change! We were out on the ocean blue for almost six hours, and man what a trip it was! Henry was like a child dream, he was sooo good, we hung out in the cockpit for most of the sail just looking out at the waves going by. When we started the trip our destination was not in sight, but with my keen sense of eyesight…I was the first one to spot it J. The Poynters and I always have bets going to see who can spot it first….
Our trip stopped at The Antigua Yacht Club where we will sit for a good two weeks surrounded by big begiesly (Mrs. Poynters word J ) motor yachts! We are usually one of the bigger yachts in a harbor, not here though… The one that pulled in next to us today was 180ft. long, It has three decks a crap load of lights, and at least 10 crew members. Not too bad of a little cruising yacht. That is just one of the many boats we are surrounded by here in the harbor, at night it is quite a sight, with all of their deck, and spreader lights .

Long time no entry :)

Oh the things I have done lets see…
I took a tour of st lucia, Dominica, and Guadeloupes rainforests, all just amazing with waterfalls in all of them. Sailing is so much fun, my stomach is getting very use to it, I dont even need to drug myself anymore :)!
We spent one week in St. Lucia where I met some very interesting people to party with, great fun! I had a day off so I found myself on a tour of the Rainforest with 6-7 perfect strangers. By the end of the day, I knew them all, walked, biked, and safari rode around in the rainforest, saw the most beautiful waterfall, and met some great, interesting, people from all over.
After the weather had been so yucky we decided to head north, so we started our longest sail and headed back to Martinique for a night. Day two started at sun up and we were off sailing all day ended in Dominica. The plan was to stay for a night, which turned to a week.Absolutly amazing place, so poor yet so happy. The people had nothing but spirit, with no money, and very few personal belongings, it was rejuvinating to see them so happy. We took a tour of the Rainforests there and saw a rainforest that topped all I have seen. We hiked the rainforest, saw so many herbs, fruits, and vegetables which the people of Dominica live on by eating, and for their medicines.
Departing from Dominica was another early morning and rough sailing but still a great adventure. We made it it Pan de Sucre a bay in Isle Des Saintes (french islands) early afternoon, and hung there for a week. So far my favorite place yet!
My days:
get up at about 8 feed henry breakfast, hang out on the boat or go for a heart stoping hilly walk to town with Mrs.Poynter and the kids. Have lunch on the boat, go for a snorkel/swim with Mrs. Poynter, read a book, get henry up, take the Dingy into the beach…two minutes away… have a drink hang by the beach, feed Henry dinner, read/watch a movie eat dinner, and head to bed.
Gotta love it 🙂
Every day is about the same we find something to do in the morning, we find something to explore in the afternoon, All I can say is, I am the luckest person on earth!!! Only way to make it better is have everyone I know and love to be experiencing it with me.
Thank you all for reading my blog I hope you all havent lost interest yet….we are only now in Guadeloupe…with much more ocean and island to cover.
miss you all

I am alive 🙂 we are sitting at the best anchorage in Isle des Saints….a fench island of Guadaloupe. I love it here, and hopefully we will have more internet access so that I can put up some pictues, since i have been to four islands, and three rainfalls with waterfalls…and man do i have the pictues to show for it.
love you, and miss you all!!!!!!

First sail

Well, I did it, I had my first read adventure on the open sea……
Now im sure all of you are wondering, so so did she get sick, and others are wondering what did you see, did you hit an iceberg?? Well I do apologize to all you readers but no upchuck to report, no icebergs too big to take us out. Besides the lack of those though, we had an extremely adventerous sail today. We left at 8:30am from the cozy ancorage of Ste Anne, Martinique and headed for Rodney Bay St. Lucia thinking we were going to hit moderate seas and decient wind. It was only 25 miles from point A to point B, but was it a hell of a four-and-a-half hour trip. We found ourselves in 17-20 foot waves, and winds at 40 miles per hour. Now for all you non sailors like me, that is pretty intense seas. As a result we were healed over starboard side with our port side (leaning over to our right side, with our left side) at about 10-11 o’clock pretty much the whole time.. Mrs. Poynter lost her cookies off the aft about halfway through the trip, leaving herself out of commish for most of the trip. Annabel slept the entire way..thank goodness!!! Mr. Poynter held down the captains position, while I hung in the cockpit with Henry whom managed to scream for a good while and then finally settle in my lap in the cockpit for a good hour of the trip. I think with the rest of his awake time I must have sang twinkle twinkle little star, and the ABC’s at least 40-50 times each….did you know they are the same tune?
What we saw was worth every second of sickness and screaming! for the first time in my ocean experience I saw nothing but sea. Quite an unsettling feeling for the first time being out there. I also experienced my first time of docking, which I learned so much, and have much left to learn. With time I will get it though, DETERMINED!
Lastly We got to see a school of portuses (sp) larger than any school Mr. Poynter had ever seen. There were hundreds of them, it was just amazing. The only other wild life we saw, were hundreds and probably thousands of flying fish, funny little creatures they are.
We made it into Rhodney bay at about 1300 hours and that is were we are parked for the next few days.

1st stop, Martinique

Three weeks and three days spent in Beautiful Martinique, all will be missed but many memories will be never be forgotten. Living for the first time in a place where not a lick of English is spoken, has been nothing less than an eye opening experience. Mom I thought you talked a lot with your hands, but oh my go somewhere that no one understands your language, and we’ll see who talks with their hands.
On Friday January sixth we moved aboard Blue Beach. Walking down the dock in Le Marin I had no idea what to expect, approaching the end of the dock I could only see a piece of the bow, and the mast that seemed to go for ever into the sky. Then there I was standing in front of what I was going to call home speechless. Being one of those amateur sailors who doesn’t know the bow from the stern I was thoroughly impressed. The best way to describe Blue beach is one of those boats that makes you stop and take interest immediately even if you don’t know anything about boats. Mind you this was just the outside, inside was a little piece of heaven. Mrs. Poynter gave me the grand tour and I followed with a tear in my eye. Such detail in everything from the counter tops, to the teak I was in sheer amazement.
Henry and Annabel took a bit of time to get use to their new home, but so far so good. We have only lost a Henry shovel- not a Henry, so we think we are doing well.
Everyday has come with new surprises, our first dingy ride was to St. Anne to the beach, not a bad destination. Great big beach filled with every age roup of people there are. We made part of our daily schedule to get to the beach in the afternoon for a little cool off. Another day brought our first motor with everyone aboard, including the project manager for Oyster. Very exciting 45 minutes!
If any of you know me well, you know I have some problems with motion sickness I am glad to report no motion sickness so far! Although, the land sickness gets me everytime I leave the boat. I guess floating for a large majority of my day will result in a reaction to lack of motion.
We have spent two weeks and three days on the end of dock #3 next to the fuel pumps next to charter sailboat central. The things I have seen hanging out in the cockpit are etched in my brain forever.
Alvin the crazy dingy driver whom every night would lay atop the sides of the dingy and drive with his feet singing at the top of his lungs god knows what songs. After two weeks of getting a chuckle in his expense every night Mrs Poynter found out his name and his home country. He grew up in Jamaica which meant he could speak very good English, so then everyday after he would come an make faces and play with Henry.
The first people I hung out with on the island Mr. Poynter hooked me up with. Three people on a huge ass tender to a boat named Helois all from Australia. Next on the social agenda was some guys from the largest sailing catalmarian in the world surname Douce France. All of them from various parts of the U.K. and France, it was very interesting to see their point of view of Americans.
Chaz one of the british guys I hung out with a few more times he invited me this past Sunday to find the 30 meter waterfall with him and two other crew members. These were very special crew members from a very familiar place. John and Laura live/work aboard a 65ft. Swan named Tihama, the familiar place could have been anywhere in the U.S. and I would have said it was close, but to make it even more ironic, they were from Minnesota. So the four of us set out for a place we had no idea of its location. We made a pit stop at the local Mcdonalds…not any better on a French island! We asked directions, and with their broken English, and chaz’s broken French we though we know where we were headed. We parked the rental and headed into the rainforest on foot. We walked through an amazing forest didn’t find the waterfall, but had a great hike besides. After the muddy, hot hike we drove to St. Pierre a village in Martinique that got take out in 1902 by a huge volcanic lava slide, leaving only two to survive, an old man in his cellar and a criminal in the local penetentary. Very cute little place with a lot of resembelance of New Orleans (French influence). Next stop was Fort De France the capital, and biggest city in Martinique. Not too impressed with the place, we just did a quick drive through and headed to St. Anne our neighbor city to Le Marin for dinner.
Being on the end of the dock as I said we see a lot of action, there was a regatta that started in Spain and ended in Le Marin Martinique right next to us. Later that night I set out to check my email in the local bar Mango Bay and found John and Laura hanging out. I joined their table and right there my quiet night of email checking turned for the best. The entire crew of the Spanish regatta joined us at the bar celebrating their arrival with champagne and song. John and Laura invited them to come celebrate on Tihama,. And man did we celebrate. Now I was on a French island hanging out with a bunch of Spanish guys, whom only some of them spoke English. Hit another language barrier, but didn’t slow a thing down.
This afternoon we are saying c’est la vie to le Miran and anchoring outside of St. Anne where we will stay only for the night and head out to St. Lucia in the morning. Our first sail, I will definetly update you on that asap.
Love and miss you all….Katie signing out.
Sorry about the mistakes, I was on a time crunch….